Inforum Academy of Excellence

The Gold Coast's Premium Maths & English Tutoring and Coaching Academy

The Gold Coast’s newest, premium Maths and English tutoring college.

Established by qualified teacher and director, Simon Craft, Inforum is located in our own campus right here in Southport on the Gold Coast.

At Inforum Academy of Excellence we believe that:

  • Learning is a lifelong process best started young;
  • Developing problem-solving skills and excellent study habits early in life builds confidence and success;
  • The best learning takes place in small groups with a teacher (not in front of a computer screen.)

Our English and Maths teaching staff have many years of experience working in Australia and overseas so we understand students from many cultural backgrounds.

Furthermore, at Inforum Tutoring Academy, we also offer many exciting programs for parents and siblings to join while you wait for your children to be tutored by our qualified teachers.

Academy director Simon Craft

Simon Craft

Managing Director

Inforum Academy - Maths and English tutoring college

Our Programs

The Inforum Academy of Excellence’s English and Maths tutoring program is modelled upon and aligned with the Australian Curriculum, which is Australia’s national learning plan. Every year the core skills within each discipline are built upon and expanded using the knowledge, concepts and skills learnt in the previous year. The pedagogical approach used for both Maths and English incorporates initial scaffolding which gradually reduces to assist students in becoming independent and confident learners.

Why Are We Different ?

Since opening in 2007, we have welcomed over 10,000 students from more than 30 countries through our doors, with students ranging in age from 5 years to 80 years studying with us, with levels from complete Beginners in English to Advanced-level students wishing to enter University.

Inforum is a recognised preparation centre for Cambridge University English Qualifications.

Inforum Academy of Excellence has a wonderful college campus in the middle of Southport, adjacent to Australia Fair shopping centre, where you and your child have access to all of our great facilities.

We believe the best learning takes place in small groups with an expert teacher, who will guide and motivate students much better than a computer screen ever will!

From children 3 years of age to Year 6, and their parents, Inforum Academy is for everyone.

The “Challenge” course is available for students who wish to extend their learning further outside Academy by Seesaw.

When your time or budget will not allow your child to join a whole term, why not have them come to get some assistance to do homework when they need it?

When holidays come, it’s time to look for other skills in addition to Maths and English. Money management, problem solving skills, cooking skills, STEM Program, etc. Find out more later on our Facebook.

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