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2 Common English Problems for Early Years Learners

Throughout the early year of schooling (5-7 years old) kids experience rapid cognitive development, yet how do you know which struggles are ‘normal’ in this age group? Read on as we explore some of the common English literacy issues which may be facing your child. And what YOU can do to help at home or what we can do to help you!

  • Spoken Language

At this age students still struggle to pronounce some sounds properly such as the ‘th’ in ‘though’ or ‘three’ or the ‘y’ sound in ‘yellow’ or ‘ed’ in ‘walked’. As English as an Additional Language specialists, our tutoring service is well positioned to assist your child with any pronunciation concerns which you may have. Additionally, you can have your child practice these sounds in the mirror focusing on the mouth shape they should be producing when uttering these sounds

Further, kids may struggle with English grammar and commit small errors such as ‘My car is the most biggest’, not ‘My car is the biggest’. If you hear mistakes like this from your child gently correct them through modelling by saying ‘Yes, our car is the biggest’.

Students at this age also still think about the world in a very concrete way and find abstract thinking difficult. This means that your child can probably only focus on one aspect of a problem at a time, taking things step-by-step. It is not until around 11 years old when they start to develop more deductive reasoning skills.

  • Reading

In prep many children do not know how to read at all, but there will be rapid growth within their first year of school. However, at this age they will still have trouble with decoding and speed.

Decoding refers to the student’s ability to turn a written word into a spoken one. As English is full of silent letters and strange spelling rules, students need to practice these regularly in order to remember them and become familiar with them.

Speed is how quickly the kid reads and comprehends a text – do they get flustered and give up when they come across unfamiliar words or phrases? Help your child by building their vocabulary and reading with them! Also, head to our Instagram page and watch the video by teacher Lisa which discusses ‘reading ahead and scooping’.

As a tutoring academy we are here to help and listen to any concerns you may have regarding your primary aged child! Feel free to contact us to find out more about what we can do for you here at Inforum Academy of Excellence on the Gold Coast!

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