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3 Reasons Why Early Years Education is Vital!

Do you have a young child? Read on and learn why you should be focusing on their education!

Too often parents leave it until their child is having problems before they reach out for extra academic assistance. However, in the marathon that is a child’s education, it is important to be prepared from the outset. It has been found that children who engage with school from a young age are more likely to be well adjusted, achieve well academically and have overall better wellbeing.

  • Without a strong foundation, you can’t build up!

Education is like building a house, you need a strong foundation before you can add on a new floor.  If your child misses the basics of Maths and English at school, then they will struggle to catch up and it will make it very difficult for them to study at an advanced level. For example, if you do not know basic numbers, you cannot learn addition and if you do not know addition you can not learn multiplication. Each year the Australian Curriculum builds on what a child has learnt the previous year, which is why it is so important for children to grasp the basic concepts. Luckily, as adults, we know these concepts and can easily help our children at home by, asking how many items there are in a pile, reading together.

  • They learn to LOVE learning!

Engagement is one of the most important factors in ensuring academic success. School often has a stigma of being ‘boring’; however, it should not be that way! School teaches more than just reading, writing and arithmetic (math)! By enrolling your kid in a tutoring service from a young age they will become more interested and curious about the world around them which will, in turn, help them to love school and become a lifelong learner! At Inforum we take the time to learn about all the kids, their likes and learning preferences so that we can make the lessons as engaging as possible and build strong relationships with every child to ensure that they love coming. In fact, many kids even say they miss us over the holidays and ask their parents when they will go back to Inforum!

  • Early education contributes to holistic development.

As mentioned above education is not just about learning letters and numbers; it is also about learning problem solving skills and becoming competent in a range of social situations. At a young age, children also need to learn about how to take turns when working in a group and which information they can and cannot share in a classroom. Tutoring in small groups means that we can give your child that extra attention to help them work out strategies which suit them and really focus on their holistic development.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out about our fantastic early years programs! We even have pre-prep classes that can help your child socialise and start learning those basics from today!

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