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3 Things to Know About the Australian Curriculum

A curriculum is what students must learn about. In some countries this is different in every state but in Australia we have a national curriculum. This means that every child in Australia learns the same topics. The Australian Curriculum began in 2014, so for all the parents, this would be different to what you did when you were at school. The curriculum was designed so that everyone can access it and have a clear idea of what their children should be learning. Have you seen the website? You can find it here. The goal of the Australian Curriculum, ACARA for short, is to mold creative and confident future citizens!

1. There are 8 subjects

From Prep – Year 6 students are exposed to eight different subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Humanities (HASS)
  • The Arts
  • Languages
  • Science
  • Technologies
  • Health and Physical Education

Within each of the subjects may be a range of subtopics. For example in Science there is biology, physic, chemistry and Earth&Space science. In HASS students learn about, geography, history, economics and citizenship.

While there are eight subject areas, students will mostly be learning maths and English, especially in lower primary. By late primary, there is an increasing focus on humanities.

2. Content Descriptors & Achievement Standards

Are you interested in seeing what your child should be learning about? You can do that easily on the website! The content that a child will learn under each subject is called a ‘content descriptor’, and they are mandatory, that means that all students will learn that information or skill. However it is a guide and each teacher decides their own way to reach that goal.
Each year students build on what they learnt the previous year, so sometimes you may notice that your child is doing similar things to the previous year, and you would be right!

For example, in year 2 geography students collect data, then in grade 3 they locate and collect data. This all comes from Bloom’s Taxonomy, as students get older they ‘move up’ the triangle as skills and concepts become more complex.

Achievement Standards is the section of the website that provides an example of below average, average and above average student work. Keep in mind that each teacher/school create their own assessment pieces and so what is in the sample portfolios will not exactly match up with the work your child produces.

3. The Inforum Academy of Excellence Program is Aligned to the Australian Curriculum

You may have seen on our website that we say we are “aligned with the Australian Curriculum” this means that all the materials we use ‘match’ the content descriptors for each year level. All the resources we use are a way for us to help your child meet that content descriptor – and we are always looking ahead! If appropriate we introduce more advanced skills to your children so that when they move to the next year level, they will be ahead of the rest!

Keep an eye out for our next blog on Cross-Curriculum Priorities and General Capabilities, two very important parts of the Australian Curriculum!

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