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4 Reasons to Join our September Holiday Program!

Each holiday break Inforum Academy runs a different holiday program for primary school aged kids. These programs are specially designed to make your child’s school holidays fun, but informational. Our teachers work hard to develop programs which will benefit the student for many years to come and introduce them to topics which span the life of the Australian Curriculum.

This September holidays our holiday program will run for two days and centre around persuasive writing and debating. Keep reading to see why we have chosen this topic and how attending can benefit them!

1. Persuasive Writing Development

Our first day will look at persuasive texts, which are a feature of the English Australian Curriculum from primary to secondary school! Persuasive writing is so important because it teaches children to be critical and creative thinkers which is a large part of the curriculum and the key to success! We will introduce the kids to the idea of a for and against essay, which also makes them reflect on their opinion and how it differs from other people’s opinion. This type of higher-order thinking is great to encourage at a young age and it also helps them to develop well socially as they can then empathise with a diverse range of people.

2. An Introduction to Debating

Not all children have had the chance to be exposed to debating yet, and often must be motivated enough to seek out this opportunity by joining an after-hours club. However, I can assure you that the benefits of learning debating far outweigh the time commitment.
The second day of our program will introduce students to debating, and the all important rebuttal! Then, using the language which they learnt on day 1 they will decide upon teams and collaboratively develop their argument. Finally, they will present their debate in front of a small audience and an adjudicator!

So, what skills does debating develop?

a) Research and reasoning – student will have the chance to research their topic and teachers will guide them to creating an argument based off evidence.

b) Expression – At this age students still struggle with manipulating their voice for effect, but practice makes perfect! Our debate-mad teacher will model how to use one’s voice for dramatic effect and have student practice this in their debate

c) Listening and Rebutting – While the other team is speaking students are not off staring in the space, in fact they must be fully present as this is the time to critically consider the other sides argument and fight back (democratically)!

d) Organisation – When writing students must be mindful of how long it will take to say what they want and they will have to decide the most important and relevant information to present. This is an introduction to synthesising information.

Also, see our blog on why how presentation skills leads to a confident child!

3. Leadership skills

Many young children aspire to change the world, and we want to help! Maybe your child would like to be a school leader, or on a student council. This program will develop many leadership skills, including: problem solving skills, democratic negotiation skills, team work, clear communication, confidence.  As you can see these skills are relevant to all children, not just those who want to be leaders. This age is very important for a child’s identify development and by helping them to develop these skills you will assist your child in becoming a well-adjusted and confident person, which has numerous benefits as they move through their schooling years and later life.

4. High school preparation

High school is a tough transition for most kids, and parents! We know that you want to do everything you can to ensure their transition is as smooth as possible, which is why this program is perfect. In high school students are given more independence and must begin to take charge of their own learning. By developing the aforementioned skills (critical thinking, problem solving, synthesising etc) you are setting your child up for success! Not to mention that they will have to give presentations multiple times throughout their secondary school journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for dates, time and prices and put your kid on track to success!

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