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4 reasons why studying face-to-face in small groups is beneficial

Typically, in Australian schools, most classes have up to 30 students.  Learning in such large groups often means kids struggle to be heard or get the attention and support they need to learn effectively.

Here are some key reasons small face-to-face tutoring groups help students overcome their weaknesses and enhance their strengths.

1. Student-centred learning

First, this is an opportunity for student-centred learning and when children are engaged, they start to enjoy studying.  By getting more attention and support from their tutor, students can overcome academic problems, work towards their potential and the results they deserve.

2. Inspires confidence

Secondly, studying in small groups encourages students to ask questions which can be answered, strikes up dialogue and allows each child to share ideas with their peers and the teacher.  This extra support builds their self-confidence and helps them to feel that their voice matters.

3. More opportunities for feedback

Next,in smaller groups, feedback on work and progress can go beyond receiving just a grade or a score out of 10. In this more informal and relaxed environment, students receive instant feedback on their work and ideas.  The tutor is also able to write precise, individualised comments and speak to the parent face-to-face more often.

4. Builds teamwork skills

Lastly, while kids may sink into the background, feel lost or become easily distracted in large groups, small group tutoring is excellent for encouraging students to work as a team. For example, working on the same topic in English or problem in Maths, puts the child in a situation where they need to be more socially active, listen, collaborate, negotiate and make decisions together.

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