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4 ways presentations help kids become better!

Having the confidence to speak in front of a group of people is a challenging task for most people. It is, however, even more difficult for English language learners because they are also speaking in another language. Studies have shown that there are several benefits to giving students an opportunity to present an idea to others in a positive and safe classroom setting. Additionally, public speaking is an essential skill for any child to hopes to be a school leader or join an excellence program. This is why at Inforum Academy of Excellence we put a major focus on presentations in our English sessions with all of our children presenting twice a term! From this we have seen children’s overall skills progress in leaps and bounds, how so you ask? Let’s take a look at 5 different ways children benefit from presentations.

1. Presentation Skills are Social Skills

Presentations help students focus on pronunciation, eye-contact, time management as well and boosting their confidence. This experience is invaluable when students will have to speak in front of an audience in other classes, at university or in their future jobs. From our experience we have seen that children who were previously a shy and were not comfortable looking others in the eye now engage more willingly with classmates and teachers in a more confident manner.

2. Academic Skills

Giving a presentation also offers the students a chance to research a topic and develop problem-solving and critical analysis skills. Teaching students to organise effective presentations has been found to support cognitive (thinking) development. The whole planning and development stage also encourages students to use technology to make effective and well-organised presentations. With ‘Information Technology’ and ‘Critical and Creative Thinking’ being central the Australian Curriculum we believe it is best to incorporate these cross-curricular priorities as early as possible and give students ample exposure to them across all subjects.

4. Feeling Heard

Too often in the education system kids feels as though their teacher does not listen to them and really hear their ideas and thoughts on different topics. Presentations give children the chance to shine and be heard, this type of attention is a very powerful motivator for children and further helps them to speak up at other times in the classroom when they have a problem. 

5. Assessment for learning

After the presentations have been given, students get given feedback by the teacher so they can reflect on the things they have done well and areas to improve on. It is useful to be aware of a rubric so students know what expectations there are when they develop and practice. By making clear to students the ways that they can improve it is easier for children to take feedback constructively and apply it the next time. This is another reason we present twice a term – so that the kids can implement the feedback at the closest possible opportunity!

As you can see, giving presentations has a multitude of benefits that will make anyone a better all-round communicator and give you a lot more confidence when speaking to people in any situation. Inforum Academy of Excellence is a private after-school tutoring service for primary school kids where tutors help students study, not only Maths and English, but also how to give an effective and engaging presentation.

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