Inforum Academy of Excellence

Inforum Academy of Excellence, our premium Gold Coast tutoring and coaching college is part of the Inforum Australia group of education colleges started by director and principal, Simon Craft in 2007.  Simon is a qualified teacher who has taught English and Maths in many countries throughout the world. Inforum is a privately owned tutoring college with our campus located right here in Southport; we are a uniquely Gold Coast-based school.

At Inforum Academy of Excellence, we believe that learning is a lifelong process and that by starting early, developing excellent study habits together with an understanding of important problem-solving strategies, in an environment that supports and nurtures learners, children will experience success, which leads to confident, motivated students who will achieve outstanding results through their school years and into adulthood.

Inforum Academy - Maths and English tutoring college

Our teachers

Unlike many tutoring colleges, our tutors are teachers, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience instructing children and teenagers. We know that students respond best to learning that is personal, and taught by an experienced teacher in small groups (rather than online). Furthermore, our staff have a broad range of experience in English and Maths tutoring and a detailed understanding of kids from many cultural backgrounds.

Personalised Tutoring

Parents sometimes ask who is tutoring for? We believe it’s for all kids because every child wants to improve their grades no matter what their level is and because our tutoring classes are small, we can personalise the learning for any ability level. Remember that an average school classroom has around 25 students in the class; this means that if there’s one teacher doing a 90-minute Maths or English lesson, a student will receive on average only 3.6 minutes of one-on-one teacher attention; however, at Inforum, our classes have only 5 – 10 students, which means a lot more personal attention for your child.

Our campus

Our tutoring college is located in Short Street, in the heart of Southport. There is access to parking and while parents are free to drop off kids and leave, we also encourage you to stay and relax in our lounge or the garden area, have a cup of coffee and use our Wi-Fi. More importantly however, our unique campus means that our students study in a classroom with windows and light, rather than sitting in front of a computer screen in a windowless office like many of our competitors’ premises. It also means that unlike most tutoring colleges, we have the space for parents to easily meet our teachers… and they regularly do. Our teachers are very happy to share study tips and give you advice on homework and other matters that will help your child improve quickly.

Building confidence early

Some people think that kids don’t need tutoring while they’re in primary school, often choosing to wait until they’re in high school before trying to improve their child’s grades – this can be a mistake because good tutoring is not just about teaching students skills in Maths, English or other subjects, it’s also about building overall confidence.

It’s also about developing excellent study habits early in a child’s life. People sometimes feel that it could be too much for kids to join tutoring lessons in the afternoon, after studying all day in the classroom, but if the program is interesting, fun, focussed and most importantly, kids experience success, they are happy to study; moreover, we find it difficult to get our students to leave after the class has finished! They genuinely want to be studying with their friends.

I think that this is the most important outcome: that the kids at our academy, no matter what their level, enjoy studying. At Inforum, they find learning to be a journey that is interesting, challenging, rewarding and as a result, have the skills to be successful throughout their lives.

Why Are We Different ?

Since opening in 2007, we have welcomed over 10,000 students from more than 30 countries through our doors, with students ranging in age from 5 years to 80 years studying with us, with levels from complete Beginners in English to Advanced-level students wishing to enter University.

Inforum is a recognised preparation centre for Cambridge University English Qualifications.

Inforum Academy of Excellence has a wonderful college campus in the middle of Southport, adjacent to Australia Fair shopping centre, where you and your child have access to all of our great facilities.

We believe the best learning takes place in small groups with an expert teacher, who will guide and motivate students much better than a computer screen ever will!

From children 3 years of age to Year 5, and their parents, Inforum Academy is for everyone.

Step 1 covers Year 1 program plus some from Year 2. Challenge is available for students who wish to learn more outside Academy by Seesaw.

When your time or budget will not allow your child to join a whole term, why not have them come to get some assistance to do homework when they need it?

When holidays come, it’s time to look for soft skills apart from Maths and English. Money management, problem solving skills, sharing skills, cooking skills, STEM Program, etc. Find out more later on our Facebook.

Parents can drop their children at the college and one of our staff will be on hand to take them directly into the college – you don’t have to leave your car.

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