3 Things to Know About the Australian Curriculum

A curriculum is what students must learn about. In some countries this is different in every state but in Australia we have a national curriculum. This means that every child in Australia learns the same topics. The Australian Curriculum began in 2014, so for all the parents, this would be different to what you did […]

4 Reasons to Join our September Holiday Program!

Step 2 (Year 2) Tutoring

Each holiday break Inforum Academy runs a different holiday program for primary school aged kids. These programs are specially designed to make your child’s school holidays fun, but informational. Our teachers work hard to develop programs which will benefit the student for many years to come and introduce them to topics which span the life […]

Inforum Academy of Excellence – Who We Are

Inforum Academy of Excellence is your new home away from home and is conveniently located in the heart of Southport in a beautiful brick building surrounded by greenery. Parking? No worries, we have free parking on site. Short on time? Ask about our kiss-and-go service. Why should I sign up? Read on! What We Do […]

3 Reasons Why Early Years Education is Vital!

Sibling's class

Do you have a young child? Read on and learn why you should be focusing on their education! Too often parents leave it until their child is having problems before they reach out for extra academic assistance. However, in the marathon that is a child’s education, it is important to be prepared from the outset. […]

2 Common English Problems for Early Years Learners

Step 1 (Year 1) Tutoring

Throughout the early year of schooling (5-7 years old) kids experience rapid cognitive development, yet how do you know which struggles are ‘normal’ in this age group? Read on as we explore some of the common English literacy issues which may be facing your child. And what YOU can do to help at home or […]