The 4 Main Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

Here at Inforum Academy of Excellence we believe in having our students engaged through new innovative materials to ensure an interactive lesson.  This interactive learning expands critical thinking skills, which are vital for developing analytical and reasoning skills. Currently, in our fast-paced, high-tech world, keeping the attention of the younger generation can be challenging, so we feel the […]

How to Improve Your Child’s Public Speaking Skills

Having the confidence to speak in front of a group of people is a challenging task for most people. It is, however, even more difficult for English language learners because they are also speaking in another language. Studies have shown that there are several benefits to giving students an opportunity to present an idea to […]

Have you heard of the ‘I do, we do, you do’ model?

Step 4 (Year 4) Tutoring

You may have heard of this model for teaching. It sounds quite simple but in practice it is a skillful, planned and scaffolded process that expert teachers employ to teach explicit skills, encourage and support learning, then release students to explore and achieve by themselves. This Gradual Release of Responsibility Model involves many pedagogical ‘best […]

The Power of Immediate Feedback – Learning in the moment

Step 4 (Year 4) Tutoring

According to John Hattie, an award-winning education researcher with nearly 30 years’ experience in student learning and achievement, feedback is the single most powerful factor that enhances student achievement (Hattie, 2003). Teachers do not always have the time to give immediate feedback to all their students right when it is needed. Sometimes by the time […]

Making connections in the real world

‘Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers’ – Mahatma Gandhi As a parent you should never forget that your child’s learning does not just start and finishes at school.  Connecting what your child learns at school to their outside world is one of the best opportunities you can give them.  It […]

Face-to-face tutoring vs online tutoring

Step 3 (Year 3) Tutoring

Obviously, both have their positives and negatives and in these times of COVID 19, not everyone has had the opportunity to choose.  So here are some points for you to think about, especially on the Gold Coast where attending primary and secondary school hasn’t really been disrupted unlike in other cities of Victoria and New […]

5 things to know about the NAPLAN reading and language conventions tests.

At Inforum Academy of Excellence, we are determined to give your child all the important tools and tips to make them confident when doing the NAPLAN test.  Not only do we enhance NAPLAN exam skills throughout each term in our English and Math tutoring program, but we also have an Intensive NAPLAN holiday program in […]

2 Important ways when reporting on a student’s progress

Every day as teachers, we tell our students what they are doing well and what they need to improve.  It’s also extremely important for parents to read and listen to this advice, to know where their child is at in school subjects, to make sure they are supported where needed and to offer encouragement.  Most […]

5 Reading Comprehension Tips and Strategies

Step 4 (Year 4) Tutoring

Here at Inforum Academy, we believe in giving primary school students different strategies to use when reading.  Our aim is to help them understand a text as much as possible.  Reading comprehension can be difficult for some students, so look at the tips below to see how we try to put the power back in […]

3 Reasons Why Early Years Education is Vital!

Sibling's class

Do you have a young child? Read on and learn why you should be focusing on their education! Too often parents leave it until their child is having problems before they reach out for extra academic assistance. However, in the marathon that is a child’s education, it is important to be prepared from the outset. […]