4 reasons why studying face-to-face in small groups is beneficial

Step 3 (Year 3) Tutoring

Typically, in Australian schools, most classes have up to 30 students.  Learning in such large groups often means kids struggle to be heard or get the attention and support they need to learn effectively. Here are some key reasons small face-to-face tutoring groups help students overcome their weaknesses and enhance their strengths. 1. Student-centred learning […]

5 Common Math Problems for Early Learners

At an early age in schools, young students start to develop number sense –this is the ordering, sequencing, patterns.  They also begin looking at special words and symbols related to mathematics, which will help them to solve simple problems, ask questions and explain reasons and ideas, yet not matter your child’s individual learning differences all […]

2 Common English Problems for Early Years Learners

Step 1 (Year 1) Tutoring

Throughout the early year of schooling (5-7 years old) kids experience rapid cognitive development, yet how do you know which struggles are ‘normal’ in this age group? Read on as we explore some of the common English literacy issues which may be facing your child. And what YOU can do to help at home or […]