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Face-to-face tutoring vs online tutoring

Obviously, both have their positives and negatives and in these times of COVID 19, not everyone has had the opportunity to choose.  So here are some points for you to think about, especially on the Gold Coast where attending primary and secondary school hasn’t really been disrupted unlike in other cities of Victoria and New South Wales.


  1. Being social – the students are able to make friends with other students attending the premises to share and discuss their ideas and opinions with each other.  This ultimately helps them to learn better and from each other in pairs or as a small group.
  2. More interactive– the students can use hands on resources to help grasp and practise new concepts, especially in maths and English when being able to hold a book or calculator makes a difference to kinesthetic learners and tactile learning.   It is also more convenient to have the tutor or teacher in person to explain more clearly, ask questions to and help with corrections.
  3. A stimulating environment – the classroom is better for the student to concentrate, as there are the correct resources and equipment provided that may not be available in the child’s home.  The atmosphere is more learner centred and therefore distractions will be reduced.


  1. Saves time– due to not needing to travel back and forth to the tutoring place, learning online takes less time out of our days. If the tutoring session starts at 4pm and finishes at 5pm, the child is already home and can continue his/her usual routine straightaway.
  2. Develops tech skills – using the internet and going on platforms like Zoom, are great skills to learn for both the student and the teacher.  With globalisation and everyone travelling to other countries a lot less, knowing how to work or study online is an essential skill that children need to become confident at now and in the future.

Nowadays with children spending more and more time on screens, some studies have shown that this has had a negative effect on their language and thinking, also on their brain and eye health.  That’s why, here at the Inforum Academy of Excellence, the teachers love seeing the students thrive in our face-to-face lessons!

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