Yes if the class is not full. Please ask us about the available spot.

Your child’s name will be put on the waiting list.
We’ll let you know as soon as there is an available spot for your child grade.

Another option is private lesson if our teachers are available.

You can submit an online application form or fill in a paper application form.

Yes. This is for facilities and material fees.

Pricing & Payment

Prices vary depending on your child’s grade. Please bring your child to an assessment test first.

Bank transfer, Credit card, EFTPOS and cash at reception are available.

Fortnightly Payment is also available with 3% Surcharge

We give credit to the next term ( up to 2times), and adjust next term’s lesson fee.
If free weeks are given, no credit to those free weeks.

Yes with 2weeks written notice.
Fortnightly payment: Inforum will cancel direct debit on receiving written cancellation form.
Paid in Advance: Charge 2 weeks extra and refund the rest by bank transfer.

Class & Academic

We keep all classes small size. Class numbers are max 6 students in each classes.

Yes. Parents receive message from teachers on the Seesaw App after each classes and parents can find out what they learnt in class and what homework is.

Students will be tested regularly for each topic they learn. Teachers monitor the scores and comment. These are shared with parents by report.

Study is a long journey and it depends on your child’s goal. Our teachers pick up a student’s strengths and weaknesses and advice is given on how long your child needs to be tutored.

At Inforum Academy, all classes are face-to-face sessions. Students sometimes use computers for research purposes.

The teacher assesses your child with an assessment test first and they identify the weakness. Based on that, advice is given about which STEP (level) suits your child.
If your child is behind in their grade, the teacher may offer the level below as a catch-up.
For example:
If your child is in Year 3 and s/he is behind in class, s/he may be offered the STEP 2 class at Inforum Academy after assessment.

It the assessment confirms this, then the next higher Step level will be offered.

Yes. All teachers have Bachelor degrees, and teaching qualifications.
They all hold a Blue Card as well.

We understand some children are busy and find it too hard to do the set homework every week. However, homework is highly recommended to improve your child’s skills.

Students receive a mid-term report and an end-of-term report from Inforum teachers.
This is mainly to inform parents what they learnt in class and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

No. Learning material is given by the teacher.

Excellence programs are based on school tests, a student’s NAPLAN results and student’s report.
Inforum assists students to improve basic skills and to aim for a higher score in NAPLAN.
Inforum’s program has basic learning and expanded learning for students who wish to excel further.

Our teachers are ESL specialists and they support all children in understanding the concepts that are taught in class. However, the college may suggest that your child join our EAL program first.

The Essentials program is a combination of English and Maths.
In Maths, there are lots of concepts that a child needs to understand and explain in English.
Maths is also used in everyday life and we believe that it is important because it allows a child to take complex processes and make them more manageable by applying structure, patterns and rules.

Early grades are good to start the habit of studying and improving comprehension skills. We believe that a strong foundation is very important for their future academic learning and we help to build a stronger foundation and students’ confidence from early grades.
Inforum Academy runs over 4 terms ( 10 weeks per term ) based on the Queensland Education Academic calendar. Students can enrol in the class anytime during the school term/year.

Yes, group lessons are beneficial for all children. Studying in small groups encourages students to ask questions which can be answered, strikes up dialogue and allows each child to share ideas with their peers and the teacher. They also encourage each other to complete worksheets and homework in class, which also helps them to build teamwork skills.

COVID & Health

Yes. Inforum is thoroughly cleaned each day. Students will be encouraged to wash their hands before and after breaks, and when using the bathroom.

No. Please stay at home. If your child misses the class, up to 2 paid lessons will be transferred to the next term.

Yes. With how/when to use instructions, please.
Inforum has a “No nuts”, policy. If a student has an allergy or any health concern, please inform Inforum staff.

Before Class

Yes, only at the Kiss&Go point. Please make sure that your child goes inside the Academy building before leaving.

Yes, students can bring their own food/snack and eat in break time and before class.
Healthy snacks are highly recommended.
No nuts, no lollies, no soft drinks.

Siblings Program

Yes, during the Siblings Program time.
The child has to be aged between 3-5 years old and has to be fully toilet trained.

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