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Have you heard of the ‘I do, we do, you do’ model?

You may have heard of this model for teaching. It sounds quite simple but in practice it is a skillful, planned and scaffolded process that expert teachers employ to teach explicit skills, encourage and support learning, then release students to explore and achieve by themselves. This Gradual Release of Responsibility Model involves many pedagogical ‘best practices’ and is a proven method to teach skills and strategies, while building the confidence to attack challenges independently. The three fundamental steps are modeling, focusing on learning intentions and connecting to prior knowledge (I do), scaffolding – prompting, questioning and leading students catering to their needs; as well as collaborative learning with peers which strengthens thinking processes and sharing of knowledge (We do), and transfer – synthesizing learning and applying it to new processes (You do). (Fisher, 2008).

Step 4 (Year 4) Tutoring

At Inforum Academy of Excellence – English & Maths Tutoring on the Gold Coast, our English and Maths programs are intentionally planned to cover all stages of the Gradual Release of Responsibility model. Our specialist teachers employ a range of teaching strategies including direct instruction, where we teach kids the explicit skills they need, some of which they may have missed in the busy classroom at school (that’s the ‘I do’ part). In the guided practice sessions teachers work with students on worked examples and sample texts so students learn to comprehend, examine and interpret, whilst still having the scaffolding they need through the early stages of learning concepts and skills. Students also work with peers to share knowledge and ideas, and compare their understanding (that’s the ‘We do’ part). Finally, students engage in independent practice where they use their skills and apply their knowledge, enrichment and extension activities allow students to work on more complex tasks like mathematical word problems, creative writing or higher-order texts (that’s the ‘You do’ part).

Step 6 (Year 6) Tutoring

Through this process students need to be supported with differentiated ways to absorb content, learn processes and produce work in a variety of ways. Each topic area includes teacher-led activities for students who require extra support, hands-on and collaborative learning opportunities, and extension tasks to challenge more able students. Our programs are designed to ensure that every student can experience success, while being challenged to achieve to their full potential. Individual differentiation takes place in each lesson as our tutors assess students’ capability and make on the spot adjustments to suit each student. 

Developing a positive attitude towards learning and experiencing success is integral to your child’s academic and social development. The goal is for all students to build autonomy and self-efficacy, that is, the ability and belief to transfer understanding to new situations, to be motivated to achieve and having the tools to do it. The gradual release of responsibility model mentors students to become capable, independent thinkers and learners (Buehl, 2005).

Inforum Academy of Excellence is here to help! Contact us for details today! Inforum’s Essentials Program covers from Prep to Year 6 and gives students the confidence to master and then extend on what they have studied at primary school in a positive, supportive and academically focused environment.

Step 3 (Year 3) Tutoring



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