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Inforum Academy of Excellence – Who We Are

Inforum Academy of Excellence is your new home away from home and is conveniently located in the heart of Southport in a beautiful brick building surrounded by greenery. Parking? No worries, we have free parking on site. Short on time? Ask about our kiss-and-go service. Why should I sign up? Read on!

What We Do

We are a private after-school small groups tutoring service for primary school kids. Whether your child needs a helping hand to catch up to the rest or wants a boost to take them to that next level – we are here to help!

Face-to-Face Primary School Program

We offer Maths and English programs from Prep – Step 6, each class is like a mini-lesson and over the year we will cover each and every topic that is necessary for that level. In English we focus on different text types and all the language conventions which are needed to successfully produce them. In Mathematics we cover all the topics outlined in the Australian Curriculum and are not afraid to spend time on the topics your children most need help with rather than just rushing them through it! Plus, each class comes with a comprehensive homework book full of tips and extension activities that kids can complete at home. We believe the best learning takes place in small groups with a teacher who will guide and motivate students much better than a computer screen ever will.

Australian Curriculum Alignment

We ensure that all our lessons are perfectly aligned with the Australian Curriculum. To achieve this we use a range of professionally created and carefully curated resources to ensure your child isn’t seeing the same boring worksheet over and over! Haven’t heard of the Australian Curriculum? Read our blog on it and why it is important – here!

Pre-Prep Program

If you have younger children, don’t worry we have something for you too! We offer a pre-prep program which helps kids from all backgrounds learn the basic skills they need to enter prep such as the alphabet, colours, numbers, fine motor skills and, most importantly, social skills and confidence in being independent from their caregivers! At this age play-based learning is the best for them and our facilitators will do a number of hand-on activities to make sure your child is engaged and has something to show for their afternoon. Read our blog on early years learning to see why you should be focusing on this important stage of development.

The Inforum Difference


Our experienced, university-qualified teachers are here to help your child every step of the way. Above all else, what we value at Inforum is building quality relationships with students and their families to make sure everyone feels part of the Inforum family. And, we are doing just that! Since opening our doors in January 2021, we have welcomed many families who simply just do not want to leave because children and parents alike just love coming and being with us each week.

Student-Centred Approach

In line with the above, our teachers all adopt a student-centred approach where your child, their likes, interests, and preferences are listened to and incorporated into the teachers’ lesson. Student-centred approaches are hard to achieve in a traditional classroom with 30 kids, which is why we will never have big groups! This approach is well supported in research and ensures the best learning outcome for your child. What does this look like in practice? Well, say children are asked to write an informational report, we let them chose the topic so that they are engaged and more willing to learn. Or, perhaps your child prefers visual instruction, our teachers will say an instruction, and act it out so that the kids understand what is being asked of them.

English as an Additional Language Specialists – Cambridge University Recognised

Inforum Academy also has a big brother – Inforum Education, which is a private English Language College. Read all about it on our blog here! We have even won multiple awards from the prestigious Cambridge University regarding our excellent language program.

Why is that important for your experience with Inforum Academy? Well, it means that if you are from a different cultural or language background, we get you! We understand all the challenges which bilingual children face and how to help them overcome those problems. Additionally, the Australian Curriculum has a strong focus on language conventions in early years and so we are perfectly situated to help your child master these concepts.

Also, we speak your language!
Our staff speak more than 5 different languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. Let us help you in your preferred language.

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