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The 4 Main Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

Here at Inforum Academy of Excellence we believe in having our students engaged through new innovative materials to ensure an interactive lesson.  This interactive learning expands critical thinking skills, which are vital for developing analytical and reasoning skills.

Currently, in our fast-paced, high-tech world, keeping the attention of the younger generation can be challenging, so we feel the best way is to integrate technology in the classroom, which produces amazing results.


Interactive whiteboards allow children to interact with the learning material. They become a part of the lesson and can even learn from each other. Their understanding of the subject is enhanced through touching, writing and drawing on the board.  The students are also able to use the board to display Power Points, which further improves their public speaking skills and presentations.


Various media types can be displayed on an interactive whiteboard.  The teacher has many options such as photos, graphs, maps, illustrations and videos. Furthermore, the teacher can create personalised or creative lessons themselves to inspire the class and meet individual needs. 


Interactive whiteboards integrate various learning styles into one experience. Students can learn by seeing, hearing, and interacting with the board through touch. This equips teachers with new, innovative ways to teach the same subject material. Because of this, students learn better and remember more due to being a lot more attentive in the classroom.


Interactive whiteboards are connected to the internet which gives you a resource of online tools and information. Teachers have access to various sources to enhance and support their lessons with video, articles, images, learning tools, and educational games, which all enrich the students learning.

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