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The Power of Immediate Feedback – Learning in the moment

Step 5 (Year 5) Tutoring

According to John Hattie, an award-winning education researcher with nearly 30 years’ experience in student learning and achievement, feedback is the single most powerful factor that enhances student achievement (Hattie, 2003).

Teachers do not always have the time to give immediate feedback to all their students right when it is needed. Sometimes by the time a student receives feedback the moment and the learning opportunity has passed. The power of immediate and individual feedback is enormous, and can produce real results for children’s understanding, achievement and confidence to move forward. It can lead to increased confidence, effort and willingness to face a challenge, increased autonomy, ownership and self-regulation (AITSL, 2017). 

At Inforum Academy, immediate feedback is a critical element in our small group tutoring, where students receive a balance of one-on-one support from the teacher, while having time to work independently and try out new strategies. Our experienced teachers address each student, on the spot, giving immediate feedback and adapting resources and strategies to suit individual needs. 

Effective feedback is … 

  • Timely, specific and related to the learning goals
  • Constructive and provides meaningful information 
  • Corrects misunderstandings and provides information on how to improve
  • Identifies and reinforces students’ strengths to progress to new levels of achievement
  • Provides opportunities for self-assessment and reflection 

Types of feedback include … 

  • Oral feedback is less formal but highly effective, as it is given on the spot in ‘teachable moments’
  • Written feedback is more formal and should give students an indication of what they have achieved and what to do next to improve, so it is ‘actionable’
  • Peer and self-feedback are best conducted in small groups, where peers share ideas and encourage each other to do well in a structured way, students are encouraged to think about what they did well and what they can do better next time

(New South Wales Government, 2021).

“Are you looking for a Maths and English Tutoring Academy for your kids on the Gold Coast?

Inforum Academy’s English tutoring lessons, allow students to discuss and develop creatively and get immediate feedback on their ideas; as they work on writing tasks, they receive feedback and advice on language features, writing complex sentences and correcting punctuation; as they present in speaking tasks, they receive compliments and constructive comments from their peers and teachers. 

In Mathematics, our Academy teachers can correct misconceptions immediately to maximize learning. We have lots of hands-on resources and knowledge of varied teaching strategies to ensure kids are learning through multiple representations. Small classes mean students benefit from timely, individual and targeted feedback, as well as opportunities to adjust teaching on the spot. 

Inforum Academy of Excellence is here to help! Contact us for details today! Inforum’s Essentials Program covers from Prep to Year 6 and gives students the confidence to master and then extend on what they have studied at primary school in a positive, supportive and academically focused environment.

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