English Support

The Inforum Academy of Excellence EAL Program for Primary Schools, reflects and builds on, ‘Bandscales State Schools (Queensland)’.

We use the course book, “English World” and students study one hour per week.

At each level, vocabulary and grammar are presented, practised and recycled through speaking and writing activities. This gives the learner a solid knowledge of meaning and structure, as well as the ability to use English language actively at school and in the community.

The units are fun, interesting and topic-based.

Students will study and practise all the important building blocks of language including:

  • Words and grammar in conversations;
  • Phonics;
  • Reading for comprehension;
  • Active listening; and,
  • Writing with accuracy and purpose.


Our program encourages clear communication in the classroom and gives EAL students the confidence they need to speak and write accurately and fluently!

Band 1 to 3

Developing foundations and beginning to comprehend
Students use basic or familiar English vocabulary and grammar – English World Level 1 & 2

Band 4 to 5

Participating and comprehending
Students communicate using a growing range of English vocabulary and grammar skills – English World Level 3 & 4

Band 6

Consolidating and becoming competent
Students expand their English and express more complex skills - English World Level 5 & 6

Please contact us anytime with any questions about our English Support program.

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